Dewatering Vibrating Screens

Dewatering screen, whose main function is dehydration, desliming and desilting, can be used for sand washing in sand and gravel plant, slurry recovery in coal preparation plant, tailings dry drainage in concentrator, etc. Therefore, it is also called sand dewatering screens, tailings dewatering screens, slime dewatering screens, etc.

Dewatering vibrating screen has the advantages of stability, reliability, low consumption, low noise, long service life, stable vibration mode and high screening efficiency. It is a new type of screening equipment with high efficiency.

  • The design is compact and can satisfy the requirement of user's field space.
  • The process has the characteristics of small investment, simple process and small occupation of land.
  • High wear-resistant sieve plate has long service life, convenient replacement and cost saving.
  • The sieve hole can be adjusted according to the need. The equipment has low noise and good dehydration effect.

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LDHB machines are designed to improve efficiency, finished products quality, and commit to solve sand processing and grading problems. With the development for many years, LDHB quickly occupied the global market by its reliable product quality and perfect service. Our equipments has exported to Australia, America, Europe, Philippines, Sri lanka, Africa, Indonesia, India, Russia, Chile and more countries.

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LDHB has extensive experience on aggregate crushing, sand and gravel grading and dewatering, tailings treatment, piling mud purification and waste incinerator slag treatment process.


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